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Mayer CNC Technology Co., Ltd., Fujian was established in 2008, is the development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. Companies specializing in product weight detection and metal detection range of research and development, through the ISO9001-2008 quality system certification. After years of development and accumulation, has developed a series of products for various customer needs testing equipment for many customers at home and abroad to provide a large number of products to meet the needs of a variety of comprehensive solutions and professional services.

Complete series of products, variety. There are industrial metal detection equipment (conveyor type metal detector / freefall / Pipeline metal detector / Needle); security with metal detectors (security doors, hand-held metal detectors; underground detectors); products seized heavy equipment; X-ray Inspection System and other four series. Among them, the industrial metal detection equipment widely used in food, hygiene products, textiles, garments, toys, medicines, plastics and other industries, for the detection of inclusions in raw materials or products of all kinds of metal impurities (such as iron, copper, stainless steel, etc.) ensure product safety and maintenance of production equipment. Play an extremely important role in the food business HACCP certification, GMP certified pharmaceutical companies and other enterprises ISO9000 certification. Security with a metal detector security checks applicable to government agencies, stations, courts, prisons, airports, clubs, etc. The safety testing and factories and enterprises. Product checkweighing equipment is applicable to more walks of weighing needs, based on the weight of sub-standard products to elect different levels. X-ray inspection machine is mainly used in industrial enterprises and public places to check.

The company attaches great importance to the construction of R & D capabilities of training and technical strength, has a professional R & D team, led by Germany, production and technical experts as consultants, senior managers from foreign and Hong Kong and Macao has extensive management experience and advanced management tools the main technical and management personnel have over ten years of experience in well-known companies in the same industry. Relying on a strong R & D capabilities and experienced management team and improve production management and quality control system, Mayer company ensure the production of advanced technology, superior quality metal detector series.

Mayer CNC Technology Co., Ltd. adhering to the "strict, hard work, innovation, excellence" business philosophy, advocating unity, enterprising staff culture and dedication, integrity and team culture "and" to provide customers with excellent quality and first-class performance testing products "for business purposes. advocate absorb and learn from the advanced design ideas, combined with innovation, complementary development concept, development and production of superior products lead the industry trend. Mayer CNC Technology Co., Ltd. to become a world-class brand in the industry .

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