Plastic Hardware Industry Applications


First, metal detection
Mayer CNC metal detection equipment tailor-made for product quality control and cost saving in plastic / metal / electronic / building materials industry, eliminating unqualified products containing metal impurities by on-line automated testing, saving labor costs, reducing waste of raw materials and finished products, and reducing Production equipment maintenance costs.
■ online testing methods:
1) Conveyor / free fall type
■ automatically remove online:
1) launched / swing arm / flap type
Second, weighing and sorting
Mayer CNC provides comprehensive and efficient solutions for weighing, grading and weighing inspection in plastics, hardware, electronics and building materials industries, including automatic weighing multi-level sorting of spare parts, stamping parts, raw materials and industrial semi- Weighing each product individually and sorting to the specified category or weight level; and product weighing testing, FCL testing, lack of detection, etc., and always maintain product quality and market competitiveness.
■ online weighing test:
1) Weight Deviation Detection: Detecting the weight deviation of the packaged product, and automatically rejecting the nonconforming product.
2) Lack of product testing: testing bags / boxes / bags / boxes / bottles / cans and other packaging products in the number or the absence of anomalies.
■ Automatic weighing and grading: industrial spare parts, processing parts, semi-finished products, such as automatic weighing sorting to the specified category or weight rating.
■ checkweigher combination application: Maiya technology to provide checkweigher and metal detection combination of integrated devices.
■ Customized: McCoy technology based on the actual testing of business users and the characteristics of the production environment, providing professional custom solutions