Pharmaceutical health industry applications


First, metal detection
Mayer CNC metal detection equipment for the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industry health product quality control and cost-effective tailor-made, on-line automated detection of excluding non-conforming products containing metal impurities, which not only save labor costs and reduce waste of raw materials and finished products, reduce maintenance costs of production equipment .
■ online testing methods:
1) Conveyor; 2) Free fall
Second, weighing and sorting
Mayer CNC online checkweighing scales, capsule checkweighers, capsule sorting machines, TCM grading machines specially designed for the quality and completeness of the quantitative packaging products in the pharmaceutical and health care industry can be online to detect whether the medicines are in the packaging process Abnormal weight deviation exists for overweight / underweight categories.
■ Medicines and Health Products Production Weighing automatically weighing said: 1) bottled bags, boxes and other overweight / underweight detection picked up weighing; 2) FCL missing parts detection weighing; 3) attachment missing detection pick up weight.
■ Automatic production of pharmaceutical capsule weighing: 1) Quantitative and automatic detection of capsule production and packaging; 2) Automated picking and re-sorting of capsules; 3) Elimination of defective capsule products
■ checkweigher combination of applications: Maiya technology to provide checkweigher and metal detection combination of integrated devices. ■ Customized: McCoy technology based on the actual testing of business users and the characteristics of the production environment, providing professional custom solutions