Daily light industrial applications


First, metal detection
Mayer CNC metal detection equipment for the daily chemical industry product quality control and cost savings tailored to automatically remove the detection of non-conforming products containing metal impurities, both to reduce labor costs and reduce waste of raw materials and finished products, reduce the production equipment Repair fees.
■ online testing methods:
1) Conveyor; 2) Free fall
■ automatically remove online:
1) launch / jet / swing arm / flap type
Second, weighing and sorting
Mayer CNC Checkweigher specially designed for the quality and completeness of quantitative packaging products of daily chemical light industry can detect the abnormal weight deviation of overweight / underweighed products online and feedback information to the filling or Packaging equipment; the same time, can detect bags, bags, boxes, cans, bottles, boxes and other packaging products or the number of missing accessories and other anomalies. To ensure that the product net content in line with norms and requirements, save material costs, improve product quality and integrity, from user complaints.
■ pipeline weighing test: 1) overweight / underweight detection; 2) FCL missing parts detection; 3) attachment missing detection.
■ Pipeline weighing sorting: 1) multi-level weight sorting; 2) non-conforming product sorting; 3) rejected product rejection.
■ checkweigher combination application: Maiya technology to provide checkweigher and metal detection combination of integrated devices.
■ Customization: Meyer Technology provides professional customized solutions and equipment based on the actual testing needs of enterprise users and the characteristics of the production environment.