Customer Service


Service System 
Maiya services aim: to product quality escort. 
First, purchase service 
Buy our equipment, our company will be responsible for: 
(1) free delivery; 
(2) free home out of the box; 
(3) free training; 
Second, repair service 
(1) year warranty for all products, non-human damage to the product within one year free replacement parts, free of labor costs, travel expenses 
(2) the warranty period the product, the company responsible for maintenance of life; 
(3) customer repair response within 24 hours, within 24 hours to the local scene, the field 24 hours + journey to the site; 
Third, the maintenance process 
Customer's repair service needs ---> The company telephone and written surveys machine fault conditions ---> The company's technical staff to the scene to carry out fault diagnosis of the machine (if necessary) ---> The company repair quote (shelf life outside) - -> customer acknowledges that the return of the Company ---> site maintenance ---> to charge maintenance fees 
Fourth, repair product range 
Our factory production equipment maintenance in addition to outside, but also repair other brands of metal detection equipment. 
National service 
Tel: +86-595-82108886 Fax: +86-595-82108885