Frozen aquaculture industry applications


Mayer CNC metal testing equipment / products weighing equipment frozen aquaculture industry applications
First, metal detection
Mayer CNC metal detection equipment for frozen aquatic products industry, product quality control and cost-effective tailor-made, on-line automated testing to remove non-conforming products containing metal impurities, which not only save labor costs and reduce waste of raw materials and finished products, reduce maintenance costs of production equipment .
■ online detection: conveyor
■ Online automatic rejection: launch / jet / swing arm / flap type
Second, weighing and sorting
Mayer CNC for frozen aquaculture industry online grading grading is based on product weight grading, weight sorting, automatic sorting and weighing test to provide a comprehensive and efficient solutions, including automatic weighing of seafood, aquatic products for weight grading Select each product individually weighing and sorting to the specified category or weight class; and deep processing of products weighing testing, FCL testing, lack of detection, etc., to replace the manual efficient sorting, and always maintain product quality and market competition force.
■ Automatic weighing grading:
1) Seafood classification: sea cucumber, abalone, squid, shellfish and other seafood automatic weighing sorting to the specified category or weight rating.
2) Classification of aquatic products: Fish, shrimp, crabs and other aquatic products are automatically weighed to the specified category or weight grade.
■ online weighing test:
1) Weight Tolerance Detection: Detection of packaging products are overweight / underweight and other anomalies, and automatically remove unqualified products.
2) FCL detection: Detection bag / box / bag / box / bottle / cans and other packaging products in the number of the annex or the absence of anomalies.
■ checkweigher combination application: Maiya technology to provide checkweigher and metal detection combination of integrated devices.
■ Customization: According to the actual testing needs of enterprise users and the characteristics of the production environment, Maiya Technology provides professional customized solutions and facilities