Management of infant milk powder rose to the level of drugs is conducive to regulating chaos chaos price chaos

Management of infant milk powder rose to the level of drugs is conducive to regulating chaos chaos price chaos

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Infant milk powder management rose to the level of medicine

Recipe registration system provides a formulation of milk products difficult to recruit prescription gimmick prices

The newly revised Food Safety Law came into force on October 1, and the formula for infant formula will be changed from a filing system to a registration system. On September 2, the "Regulations on Registration of Formulas for Infant and Young Prescription Milk Powder (for Trial Implementation)" (Draft for Comment) formally publicly solicited opinions. This draft of the drafts drafted by the State Food and Drug Administration Domestic infant formula milk powder to make more stringent requirements, such as a product formula can only produce a product, each enterprise shall not exceed 5 series 15 kinds of product formula; goat milk to be labeled as the proportion of goat milk, etc. Wait. Insiders said that this harsh rules will help regulate the chaotic infant milk powder market.

Solicit opinions Highlights:
A formula produces only one product
The so-called registration system, that is, to register the formula milk powder, which means that our management of infant milk powder rose to the level of drugs. Require the production of infant formula, the manufacturer must apply for registration of the formula to the State Food and Drug Administration, the Food and Drug Administration to apply for registration of R & D report and other materials that show the scientific nature and safety of the recipe for verification and review , Decide whether to grant its registration.
According to the draft, the same enterprise registered a product formula can only produce a product may not be the same formula for the production of different brands of infant formula, shall not be limited to regional sales, not for the custom sales of customized production.
Or will limit the number of companies to apply for the formula
And rumors of infant formula milk powder formula registration management the biggest difference is that the number of companies to apply for formula milk, the draft gives two different options.
Option One is consistent with the previous rumor that there should be a clear difference between product formulations of the same age group applying for registration in the same enterprise. The optional ingredients specified in the national food safety standards should differ by more than 6, and be supported by scientific evidence.
Another option is to directly limit the number of companies applying for the formula: the same enterprise application for registration of the same age product formula should be significantly different, and a scientific basis confirmed that each enterprise shall not apply for registration of more than 5 series of 15 kinds of product formulations.
Certificate of registration is valid for only 5 years
Exposure draft shows that infant formula milk powder product registration certificate is valid for 5 years; valid expires in 60 working days before applying for re-registration.
However, there are six cases as long as there is a non-compliance will not be registered. Including: failing to submit an application for re-registration within the prescribed time limit; the enterprise has not obtained the infant formula milk powder production permission after the product formula is approved for registration; the product formula product registered within one year is supervised by the food and drug regulatory department at or above the provincial level for sampling There are two or more unqualified; enterprises failed to maintain production capacity, research and development capabilities and testing capabilities; enterprises did not accurately record the production of registered products recipe sales information, to achieve traceability of the product; other does not meet the relevant provisions of the situation.
The use of imported raw materials required standard real estate
For the labeling of infant formula milk and other issues, the draft provides more stringent requirements:
Such as infant formula milk powder ingredients table marked edible vegetable oil requirements shall be edible vegetable oil varieties in parentheses name in descending order of addition.
In addition, the use of infant formula milk powder raw materials, should be marked in accordance with the provisions. Marking the use of imported milk powder, base powder and other raw materials, raw materials should be marked with the true origin. Must not mark the "imported milk", "from foreign ranches" and other ambiguous misleading consumers.
More noteworthy is that infant formula powder and nomenclature shall not include the following: express or imply disease prevention and treatment; express or imply that with the puzzle, increase resistance or immunity, protection of the intestine and other functions and Health effects; industry associations, consumer organizations, inspection agencies and other social organizations recommended or producer; non-GMO words; zero add the words.
At present, the sheep milk powder is becoming the new darling of the milk powder industry. In this regard, the draft for comments also clearly stipulates that the infant formula milk powder is goat milk (milk powder), the product name may be marked as infant formula goat milk powder, and should Indicate in the ingredients list the proportion of goat milk (milk powder) per 100g of product, as well as the source of whey protein powder.
Industry statement:
Is conducive to regulating chaos chaos price chaos
"In the past, milk formula companies often used the formula to upgrade their prices. In fact, infant formula did not have too many differences. The relevant provisions of the draft for consultation would curb this chaos." Wang Ding Cotton, a well-known dairy expert, said that as consumers, In the past may face dozens of products launched by an enterprise at a loss, the implementation of the registration system will facilitate consumers to choose.
Wu Sanyang, head of Beijing Sanyuan Milk Business Unit, also said that the current turmoil in the domestic infant and baby milk market is mainly manifested in that a milk powder business can produce dozens or even hundreds of series. Some enterprises, in order to mobilize the enthusiasm of retail stores, A retail store monopoly products, resulting in product complexity, and virtually the same formula, the price is different.
"Because of this approach can be higher than the profit of normal products to attract dealers, so milk powder companies rush." ​​Wu Songhang said that especially small businesses, almost all of this means to survive. In the future once the registration system, these companies will reduce the variety of products, thus losing the custom advantage.
Wang Dingmian also said that at present, China has more than 200 goat milk powder brands, but these brands are only concentrated in more than a dozen companies, many of which are the brand dealers and enterprises in disguise OEM mode, the registration system after the implementation, These brands will be eliminated by about half.
In addition, although the government does not have specific statistics, there are allegations in the industry that at present there are more than 2,000 milk powder brands in our country and an average of more than 20 formulas per enterprise. The reporters found that some companies have reached nearly 10 series of formula milk powder, far exceeding the scope of the draft requirements of the five series. Dairy analyst Song Liang said that the implementation of this recipe registration system will help clean up more and more messy brands, but also help to raise the industry threshold and encourage enterprises to promote product formulation research and development.
"Six kinds of composition differences" is of little significance
"There is still some controversy over this draft." Wang Ding-ming said that for infant formula, the basic formula is not much difference, if companies rely on the addition of six different nutrients to form a new formula In fact, little significance.
In addition, since last year, China started to implement the renewal auditing work called "the most stringent threshold in the history of the infant formula industry" in the industry. In June of that year, SFDA announced the first batch of formula milk powder for infant and young children to obtain new production licenses A list of manufacturing enterprises, a total of 82 enterprises; November 2014 and the end of August this year, the Food and Drug Administration announced two batches of a total of 20 certified companies list. In other words, at present, there are 102 domestic enterprises authorized to produce infant milk powder.
"Among the 102 companies, some are the same brand group companies that have many different subsidiaries across the country, such as Feihe and Beinimei," said Wang Dingmian, who said that if two registered Program implementation of any one of them, then the number of enterprises approved registration formula in the end is to apply for a group or a subsidiary? If the latter application, then obviously the more the number of subsidiary companies to apply for more.
"I think the application for registration of a formula should be applied for by the group and obtained by the subsidiaries of the group after the registration." Wang Ding Cotton said.
Domestic enterprises should not be restrained
"Restrictions on domestic demand only for domestic manufacturers, sales of foreign products to China's manufacturers there is no limit." Wang Ding Cotton said that there are many domestic enterprises have production bases abroad, there are some through the cross-border electricity suppliers to enter the Chinese market Sales of products, if these are not within the scope of regulation, market turmoil will not be fundamentally changed.
"In fact, a lot of foreign registered address of the milk powder business, it is precisely the initiator of multi-brand operation." Wu Songhang said that a few years ago, New Zealand exported to China has more than 200 brands, but really few native New Zealand brands, these brand basic On the New Zealand are from several companies on behalf of processing, and then sell the Chinese market.
"If the registration system is not the same rules, it is bound to force you to go abroad to buy or stake in small plants." A milk company official told reporters, in this case, the result will continue to impact the fragile market of Chinese milk powder, will inevitably affect our milk Farming and aquaculture will also be affected to some extent.
"At present, more than 2000 domestic brands, of which at least half of the brand is from overseas, mostly foundry production." Song Liang said that if purely imported brands are not subject to the statutory restrictions will only encourage more and more enterprises to overseas production, Re-import to China will also allow overseas enterprises to stop investing in domestic production, which will not only reduce domestic employment and tax revenue, but will further reduce domestic milk powder production.
Song Liang believes that the formula registration system should stipulate that all the milk powder brands and formulations that are produced and distributed in China must be registered and approved by the formula so that pure imported milk powder can be incorporated into them and the effect of policy implementation can be effectively enhanced.
Labeling the new rules has both advantages and disadvantages
Comment draft on the labeling of the relevant provisions of Wang Dingmian that there is a standard market side, but there are also overkill side.
Label marked the use of imported milk powder, base powder and other raw materials, the draft of the request for labeling of raw materials origin; the same time, requiring enterprises to indicate the proportion of goat milk in sheep milk, which, Wang Ding cotton, said he considered this To protect the consumer's right to information.
Reporter found in the market, there are indeed many brands labeled "100% imported milk" "imported from Europe" and other words, but the specific source of milk from where there is no mark.
"The label is not allowed to express some kind of function, the intention is to prevent the company exaggerate the misleading consumption, but merely doing so will reduce the enthusiasm of enterprises R & D, and businesses to reduce costs, will be reluctant to add more expensive milk nutrition Accessories. "Song Liang believes that as long as there is sufficient scientific basis for functionality, you can set out in the manual clearly, but not as a marketing gimmick, or related departments in the formula powder formula to do further requirements. "Reasonable thing should still be retained and understood to inform consumers." Wang Dingmian said that, for example, prebiotics, the world recognized its relationship with intestinal health, but if the business added prebiotics, but not marked, If consumers do not understand, consumers have no intestinal problems of children, then the purchase of the product will be counterproductive.