QS away, SC here - food production, business license management approach: catering two cards in circulation unity

QS away, SC here - food production, business license management approach: catering two cards in circulation unity

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With the adjustment of food and drug regulatory system and institutional reform in place, and the new "Food Safety Law" will be officially implemented on October 1, as the supporting laws and regulations "food production license management approach" (Food and Drug Administration Order 16) also recently promulgated , The synchronization will be officially implemented on October 1, which will mark the honor and much criticism of the QS is about to bid farewell to the stage of history.
According to Article 29 of the "Measures for the Administration of Food Production Permits", the food production license will start with SC in the future. Compared to the nearly ridiculous change of QS from Quality Safety to Qiyeshipin Shenchanxuke, SC as its name suggests is the "production" Although the combination of the initials looks like "nobleness" in the name of the name, SC with a new mission comes with many sincerity and new ideas. The entire content, I summed it up as "five by two minus."
"Five by": First, the scope of expansion. The health food, food additives into the scope of food production permit. That is, health food, food additives with the production of food production license. Second, the main qualification to expand. Previously only corporate juridical persons, partnership enterprises and individual proprietorship enterprises could apply for QS and exclude individual industrial and commercial households. Now it is a legal person, an enterprise or an individual industrial and commercial household that can apply for a food production permit. Third, the validity period is extended. Valid from 3 years to 5 years. Fourth, food permits increased. Issuing units increased from 28 categories to 31 categories. Fifth, the number of matters set forth in the permit has increased. The original copy of the permit must contain information on the daily regulatory agencies, routine regulators, complaint reporting phones, signatories, QR codes and other information. The copy also states that external warehouses are not available and may even have been unimaginable .
"Two minus": First, the reduction of the certificate form. Original, copy, attached page reduced to the original copy. Second, the simplification of replacement procedures. If the enterprise declares that the production conditions have not changed, the on-site verification may not be conducted and the written materials will only be examined, which greatly simplifies the time and process of the renewal of the enterprise.
With the continuous promotion of work, the food production license will be gradually distributed to the county level bureau from the municipal bureau according to the degree of risk. The convenience of enterprises applying for the food production permit will increase. At the same time, it will pose a great challenge to the county-level supervision department. The pressure on county level bureaux will be greater if the responsibilities and regulatory responsibilities are assumed at the same time. In short, change is ever-present, everywhere, we always learn to adapt slowly.
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